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Lydia Vorona is an experienced teacher, musician and mindfulness trainer who has studied meditation for almost twenty years. In 2014 Lydia qualified to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with The Mindfulness Training Institute of Australasia (MTIA). MTIA is part of a global teacher training network linked with UMass, the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre, USA. Lydia is a trainer with Mindfulness Works Australia and Mind with Heart, delivering specialised mindfulness programs to teachers in schools. mindfulness teaching Sydney, learn mindfulness

As a qualified educator, with a Bachelor of Music, Diploma in Education and twenty years in the corporate sector, Lydia offers a wealth of experience as a facilitator.

“I have a personal commitment to practice what I teach and to embody the benefits of mindfulness, helping individuals and organisations reach their full potential. I understand the pressures of the modern workplace and the importance of managing that stress. As a musician I have a particular interest in how mindfulness meditation fosters creativity. My studies include body-based techniques, Qi Gong and Iyengar yoga. I continue my professional development with ongoing personal practice and maintaining professional contact with MTIA.”

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