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Mindfulness training can increase your sense of personal confidence, resilience and professional effectiveness. It offers a systematic method to cultivate clarity, insight and understanding.

Our mindfulness courses are experiential, assisting you to release mental and physical tension, to see things differently, creating a space to transform impulsive reactions into reflective decision making and thoughtful choices. The training can literally resculpt your brain and heighten levels of emotional intelligence.

The Still Mind offers MBSR group courses, workshops and private mindfulness coaching.

The MBSR 8 week group course is the gold standard in mindfulness training, offering simple yet powerful practices to develop resilience and a sense of greater wellbeing. MBSR is an evidence-based program, transforming your relationship to your thoughts, emotions and impulses, offering you a way to successfully navigate the challenges of a busy world.
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Next courses:
Wednesday 25 October - 13 December, 6:45 - 9pm, St Leonards.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation 4 week course is a 4 week practical course giving you skills to manage stress and anxiety. Learn to meditate and get back to the basics of wellbeing.
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New 4 week courses in Kirribilli and Crows Nest

Essential Mindfulness is a 6 week course exploring the fundamentals of mindfulness. Each week key topics are presented to guide your understanding and integration of mindfulness into daily life. Discover resilience, clarity and inner resources to help you live a more balanced and fulfilling life.
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MBSR Coaching can be done in private sessions with a tutor, by distance learning, over the phone or via skype.
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“I learned that.. breath, body sensations and awareness along with kind curiosity gives me a spaciousness to recognize automated patterns and thus to change them if needed. This is an awesome realisation. Brings a sense of peace” - Saskia 2017

“I have become aware of the stress I hold in my body. I am learning to look after myself .... and have more me time” - Stephen, 2016

The Scientific Power of Meditation

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